Bedtime Routine

Garin and I are strong supporters of the bedtime routine. We follow ours with military precision, and it seems to be working- Stone gets about 12 hours of sleep a night, with only one middle of the night feeding.
This is what it looks like:
7:30- Medicine administered by Mama as Papa starts the bath
7:35- Bathtime for Mama and Stoney while Papa gets the nursery ready for sleep
7:45- Stone gets out of the bath and squeals while Mama dries him off. He takes this opportunity to chew on his hands and the towel, and oftentimes pees on Mama and the bathroom floor.

7:50- Stone gets a massage while he's still nice and warm from his bath. Mama tells him stories about the adventures she and Papa have had, and Stone gets very sleepy.

8:00- Swaddle in a blanket that Papa has set out in the crib and sprayed with a lavender scented oil (hey- at least it's not patchouli)
8:05- Mama says goodnight and Stoney and Papa enjoy his last meal of the night in the darkened nursery together. Stone is burped and put down by 8:30 or so. This leaves Garin and I with an hour or two to enjoy each other's company.
Life is so good.

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Leif said...


Sounds like the routine is paying off! Best idea ever, imho.