things that make ya go hmmm

So, I've found myself really enjoying this motherhood gig. I knew I would adore the snuggle-fests and the tiny little clothes, but I never knew it could be so fulfilling to hang out with my awesome kid all day. This job, however, is full of surprises. These are ten of the zillion shockers I've encountered:
1. How much I talk/think/obsess about poo.
2. How little it bothers me when my baby pukes in my mouth.
3. How much coffee I can drink without my head exploding.
4. How much my Mom must really love me.
5. How many times I am capable of repeating the same sentence in different accents and intonations.
6. How strangely satisfying it is to take a rectal temperature.
7. How ugly baby stuff is.
8. How I stopped noticing how ugly the baby stuff is.
9. How much I need my girlfriends.
10. How much I can love one little person.

On the flip side, these are the things that don't surprise me:
1. Garin is the best Dad ever. Period.

Yep, that's pretty much it.

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