No Moss

We left for LA on Friday at noon.
Stone was out to impress. He was smiley and adorable, and then he passed out for a full hour.

When Stone woke up, we stopped at a rest area near Buttonwillow for some naked baby time on the grass.

Stone stared at the trees and relished the feeling of warm wind blowing on his skin.

We got to LA in just under 8 hours, and put the little guy to bed.
For the next few days we hung out at Tita Denise and Uncle Jeb's apartment.
Tita and Stone were all over each other...

...and Stone even got some attention from his Uncle Jeb.

On Monday, the three of us made our way to Burbank to introduce Stone to his Great Aunt Darlene. They got along famously.

After a luxurious lunch, we headed over to Hollywood Blvd to look at all those stars on the sidewalk. Cheesy, I know, but we have never done anything touristy on our trips to LA, and we thought it would be fun. It was really cool. And by "cool", I mean "filthy and scary". There are no pictures because I was busy making sure my kid wasn't swallowed up by a pile of garbage.
We went home and enjoyed a huge dinner followed by creme brulee- Garin's favorite dessert made from scratch (!!!) by Tita in honor of our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Tuesday morning we set off to Palm Springs to introduce Stone to his Great Aunts Mary and Phyllis. He was, of course, a hit.

Wednesday morning we headed home. We took a more scenic route to prevent Mama from throwing herself in front of a truck on God-forsaken highway 5. Stone got to see some beautiful places. California seriously kicks ass.

The Mojave Desert was a perfect place to stop to stretch out our legs and play.

An hour down the road we were in the hills, and there was snow on the ground!

Stone was intrigued...

Lunchtime came, and Stoney sat in a highchair for the very first time. He blew spit bubbles and charmed the wait staff.

Our last stop of the day was at a beautiful lake in the foothills. Stone had a snack and some giggles, and we packed him back in to the car for the final stretch.

The last hour or so was pretty dicey- Stone had a meltdown on the 101 and Mama had to climb into the backseat to soothe him. By the time we got home, Stone was so sleepy! We put him down after his bath and he treated us to a new record- sound asleep from 9pm to 6am!

So that's it.
Today we have to get the car washed.

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