5 months

This month Stone has become his own person with his own agenda.
He gets bored and frustrated and excited and happy and HYPER and tired.

He is very strong, and loves to MOVE MOVE MOVE.
He is learning how to sit, but his confidence oftentimes exceeds his ability (this is a nice way of saying he does lots of face-plants).

He is becoming more expressive every day.

Stone loves his pets. His eyes follow them around the room, and he treats them to smiles and coos whenever they come near.
His puppy, Goose, is slowly becoming less wary. We can't wait for their friendship to blossom. As for the cat, if anyone happens to come to our house and leave the front door open to a trail of tuna fish leading to the freeway, we won't be that mad.
Just kidding.
Sort of.

The biggest change in Stone this past month is the fact that he knows who Garin and I are, and he really digs us. I'm talkin' we are sliced bread, the bees knees. We are Bruce Springstein, MJ and the Beatles all rolled into one adoring package of love-showering hilarity.
Yesterday I was taking a nap with Stone in our bed. I was sound asleep when I felt his soft little fingers brushing against my cheek. I opened my eyes, and I saw this face:

Being the mature and sophisticated woman that I am, I stuck out my tongue and made a fart noise. Stone threw up his hands and squealed in delight, clearly impressed with my razor-sharp wit.
"Stoney," I said, "you're going to fit in just fine."

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so jealous...camera...gorgeous pictures...