How did this happen?

Might have something to do with the sweet potatoes smooshed into his nose and smeared all over his face. Lately Stone has this permanent orange stain in an ever-growing circle around his mouth.
The best part of feeding him is watching Garin. Sounds weird, but we both have this thing where we are incapable of feeding Stone without opening our own mouths REALLY wide until Stone opens his. Doesn't matter who's holding that tiny little plastic coated spoon. Bite ready, swooping in from the ceiling, airplane noise... 3 mouths agape. Hilarious. This phenomenon is very similar to what women know as "mascara face".

Here's another picture because ohmygodheissocute! Like, cuter every second. When I turn around right now I guarantee that, as impossible as it seems, he will be even cuter than he is in this picture:

Yep, cuter.

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