Father's Day

8:30am- San Jose to Burbank; Stone's first airplane ride. Perfection.
9:30am- picked up at the airport by Zayde, pick up Babu at the hotel
11:30am- A party for Tita Denise in Venice beach. It's Dr. Tita, now!
1:30pm- to the beach with Stone's posse.
4:30pm- to Uncle Jeb and Tita's for wine and tarts.
6:15pm- back to the airport for an 8:30pm flight to San Jose.
10:30pm- home sweet home.

Despite this Krazy schedule, Stone was a dream.
He got to spend the day with all of his maternal Grandparents (and let's just say he's not lacking in this department), plus Aunties Mary, Phyllis and Darlene!
click here for pictures

We were all so proud of Tita, and were glad to spend one more day with Uncle Jeb in LA before their big move next month.

We crawled into bed Sunday night tired to the bone and bursting with love for our amazing little boy. A perfect day all around.

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