Imagine Whirrled Peas

Stone will only eat orange food.

I, of course, worry about it.
A lot.
I think about it more than global warming.
More than I worry about Britney's downward spiral.

Will he grow out of it?
What if Yale doesn't serve sweet potatoes in the dorms?
How much will it cost to send organic carrots to New Haven?
Is he going to turn orange?
If so, will it hinder his acting career?
What if they don't do another remake of Charlie and the Chocolate factory?
Is food coloring safe for infants?
What does this mean about Stone as a person?

UPDATE: I've been informed by my father that "a lot" is in fact 2 words. Be sure to ask my Dad how to spell "tongue" next time you see him. Or "the".

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starparticle said...

What about orange jello?