Fall City

We're home!
We had a lovely 4 day adventure in Fall City.
I'll wade through the pictures tomorrow night and get them up.
Cuteness abounds, trust me.
A preview:

Cousin Leif and Stone spent some serious QT, most of it naked and in a little pool that started out as mostly water and ended up as mostly pee.
The boys make an adorable pair. They are pretty much the same size because Leif is small and Stone is pretty big.
When seeing them together, an outsider would come to one of two conclusions, depending on which of the kids he was better acquainted with:
1. Leif is the most brilliant 7 month-old in history. Call mensa.
2. Poor sweet, simple 19 month-old Stone. At least he's cute. Maybe he'll find a nice job at a bakery someday. If he ever learns how to swallow his own spit.

Leif was such a star.
He learned his cousin's name (pronounced "bee-bee Tone") and gave him kisses even though Stone kept pulling his hair and stealing his toys. I have my own theory about why Leif was so tolerant. Let's just say that he isn't small everywhere.
Poor Stone, indeed.

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