I never understood why they have to drill it into your brain to not let your babies play with the cords for the window blinds. It's a strangulation hazard (what isn't?), and they can get their enormous heads stuck in there or something. You have to keep them 400 yards away from the crib edge. Tie them to the walls at least 72" above the ground. There's this huge yellow warning sticker on every package, and I always felt like "Okay, okay. No window blind cords. Got it. Check. Let's move on."

But the horrible truth is that babies love only one thing more than electrical sockets and windpipe-shaped carpet debris.

You guessed it.

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Grandmommus said...

This is the truth. Whenever a moment allows....grumpy....Fuzzy Yellow Duckling has flown south. It's 5:00 and we're both tired....the curtains allow us to sit together and play with the cord rather than cut it!