The Fair

Rebekah and I took Stone to the Fair on Wednesday.
It was really cloudy and the grounds were pretty much deserted. So creepy.
So, so creepy.

If Bek hadn't have been there, I probably would have started crying while I sprinted back to the safety of the mommy mobile- breathing all hard and formulating ways to protect Stone with the contents of my diaper bag, wishing that for once I had held onto a poopy diaper.

Bekah was there, though, and she has this way of making me invincible (how did we survive our early twenties?) so we poked around and checked out the carnies.
Still, nothing jeebs you out like a deserted fair on an overcast day. With the possible exception of seeing one baby shoe on the side of the freeway. Don't you hate that?

Torture device or thrill ride? You be the judge.

From strangers, no doubt.

Then Stone had his way with a baked potato.

The bite so generously offered in the above photo had been clutched in his sweaty little hand while he crawled around in the muck and the mire for 20 minutes.
She ate it anyway.


Christi said...

I can hear the creepy horror movie background music now....

Cool pictures.

Emily said...

Susan and I agree that you should harness your talent for creative writing and publish a book!!! Another great post Linds!! When are we going to see each other???

Anonymous said...

you're so sweet, kit. i love you so.