shepard leopard

Stone is going to be a porcupine for Halloween, as the famed leopard is far away in Boulder.
I purchased his costume- a real stretch for someone who used the same combination of a black cape, striped tights, a fairy wand and a pair of pink wings to craft her costume year after year.
My mom will want me to mention that damn clown costume that she made BY HAND, uphill in the snow both ways
So there's that.
Anyway, I bought Stone's costume, online no less, and I think it's pretty cute.
It's made cuter by the fact that Sophie has a matching one,
and matching costumed babies are exponentially cuter than singular ones. Fact.
Stone still needs to warm up to the whole costume thing, though.

Maybe he'll take a cue from his homeboy?

Only Durham could make this look quite so dapper.
That natural eyeliner!
If Marmaduke and Coco Chanel had a baby,
it would look just like Goose. Fact.

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Grandmommus said...

I just wish to point out that the woman who is putting her kid in this outfit is the same who snottily asked: "Who would dress her kid as a lump of coal for Halloween." I will also point out that the clowny suit will someday be in the Smithsonian. Get it before the curators do.

P.S. Goose is awesome!