Stone and Sophie, or, as the paparazzi call them, "Stophie", wreaked havoc on Palo Alto this afternoon. They took turns securing their respective positions as "only child", making quick work of the restaurant where we ate lunch.
At one point Sophie unloaded a mouthful of tofu onto the floor while Stone was busy knocking over a full glass of water and screeching like a howler monkey.
We accidently drank too much (coffee), took a long and blister-inducing walk, and one of us ended up naked with poop on his leg.
By the time we left for home, we were all sticky and sweaty and slightly nauseated.
So, yeah.
It was a pretty good date by my standards.


starparticle said...

Bwah! Beyond cute. Especially since there are two of them. Can't believe they kept them on long enough for you to take a picture.

Babu Rocky said...

I know the kids are supposed to be porcupines, but they look more like hedgehogs. Or rugrats. But man, I bet they're great at dusting hardwood floors!

PY said...

Looking through your blog...enjoying the pictures of Stone...God those Shepard boys are cute!(and I don't mean Britton and Garin- though they are actually quite cute too).

Grandmommus said...

Hope Kristie's had her shots.