and speaking of food...

We heart farmer's markets. This Sunday was no exception.

Brussel Sprouts. Every kid's favorite.

Tomatoes are an effective form of terrorism this time of year.
They suck big time.
Funny, he's usually so discerning...
We headed home with lots of cheese and a few basics.
In California, farmer's markets go all year round. I figure it's a way to chum you in... You go in hope of a good winter crop even though it only dropped below 50 once for like 30 seconds.
But, when you get there, there are only those crappy beeswax candles, the guy playing the steel drums, and persimmons.
Persimmons look pretty, but we all know the ugly truth.
The persimmon. Worthless in any form but "cookie".


Grandmommus said...

There are apple persimmons which are really good. The are shaped more like a tomato and yummy. I will try to find you some.

C. said...

blasphemy re: the persimmon!