It's a rainy day in our neck of the woods.
Stone doesn't quite see the appeal of staying in bed and reading all day, so we had to get creative.

The morning started with the usual books, games and singing. When Stone got antsy we went to the hardware store and looked at the display of drawer pulls. They are kind enough to have all of the colorful knobs mounted about 30" off the floor, so that was a really good time. Next we looked at ceiling fans, toilets and doorbells. Mindblowing fun, let me tell you.

Later, Zayde babysat while I had lunch with Sophie's mom, and now Stone is napping.
Maybe when he wakes up we'll check out the patio furniture at home depot.


Grandmommus said...

The fish tanks at Walmart and Petco are the perfect height...for future field trips.

starparticle said...

I second the PetCo vote. Since we live in the land of perpetual rain, here's our list:

1. Indoor Fort (chairs + blankets)
2. Random Driving around
3. Eat something

Then wait for 5 months for it to change. Awesome.