Oregon, finally

We are crazy busy with moving to the new house.
Here is Cliff's version of our trip to Seaside.

Aquarium. Stone was scared of the seals. Zayde saves the day.

A walk on the beach with Papa

Bath time!

This pretty much sums up the Stone Sparrow Dining Experience
Changing clothes. Those eyes!
Aquarium, outside.
He was riding a sea horse.
Through the looking glass. I spy Mama!

We had a good time. Stone got loads of attention, and Tita did the shabuya after a bottle of Cakebread. Roll call!
We celebrated Zayde's birthday with a fantastic cake (Tita, of course) and a rousing reading from King Lear. Stone is doomed to nerdery, I'm afraid. Unless he inherits his Grandad's love of maps. Maps are what get all the fine ladies...
It was cold and wet, as Oregon often is in January. We had fun dodging the raindrops, but next year I'm pulling for Mexico.


Grandmommus said...

Sounds as if you had a great time....King Lear???
Wonderful photos.

Sophia's Mommy said...

I think Stone looks so much like Jeb!!

Anonymous said...

I think Stone looks like his Zayde.