Today is Stoney's 15th monthaversary of life.
Yeah for Stone!

-Walking. Crawling is so January. He is fully bipedal at this point.
-Eating. Nobody is allowed to try to assist in feeding Stone. He prefers to handle all of his own food, including soup, yogurt, and anything else that splatters nicely on the floor. He is planning on attending culinary school, specializing in lardery.

-Daycare. Once a week. Awesome.
-Runny nose. Once a week. Not so awesome.

-Talking. Some favorites:
Mama (but, naturally, only when disaster strikes ie: he ran out of beans)
Zoltz (Stonese for "anything but cheese, mama, doggy, or toys")

-Play. Sandbox rules, as does pretending to feed anything and everything. Including the sandbox. Stone is also a fan of playing with spoons. Are you sensing a pattern?
He loves trucks and trains. He is crazy about music and loves to dance.
Stone is such a joy to be with. He is silly and funny and loves to learn new things.

Physically, Stone is developing nicely. Despite his love affair with all things edible, he is starting to look more like his Papa every day- long and lean. The only exception to this is his big round head. So if anyone sees a giant talking owl licking his face, that's why.
Look out, Stone!

2 highlights from the past week:
Stone and I are sitting in the kitchen with Uncle Britton. There are people everywhere in the house, and Stoney is quivering with excitement.
Just then, Grandma opens the front door and walks in.
Stone sees her and says "Oh my GOD!", clear as a bell.

Stone is in the bath. Papa and I are giving him the daily drill.
"Where is your nose? Where is your ear? Where is your leg?"
He obliges us by pointing to the his various bits.
Then Mama asks "Where is your butt?".
Stone reaches back as if to grab it, and then pauses.
He cocks his left eyebrow, smiles, and lets out a blaster of a fart. Stone, Mama and Papa all dissolve into giggles.

Blasphemy and fart jokes. What more could a mother ask for?

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Anonymous said...

And you thought he referred to me as Grandma...hahahahah.