30 minutes my ass

We celebrated Pesach on Saturday night at Zayde and Babu's house. By the way, Stone is obsessed with Babu lately. He says her name all the time and then kind of looks off into the distance. Dreaming, perhaps, of her cinnamon kugal.
In any case, the evening was WAY too long for Stone, despite everyone's best efforts to rush it along.
He ended up sleeping through most of the Seder, but we woke him up for "the festive meal".

Everyone's favorite substitute for drywall. This beautiful matzah cover is something I look forward to admiring every year.
How long have we been using this cup? Garin remembered the Hebrew hand washing prayer without any prompting from me. Not bad for a Catholic boy from Colorado!
Passover is my favorite holiday. I love the tradition, the story, the focus on gratitude and forgiveness.

Clockwise from left:
wise, simple, wicked, too young to ask.
Lots of wine, good food, and a lighthearted discussion about slavery, plauge, and the ongoing persecution of an entire race.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Garin the only one who looks remotely Jewish?