supersize me

Durham is gone and we now have Puck. I really like the little guy- he's sweet, cute, and he adores Stone. I love how he licks my feet, and it's great to hear toenails clicking on the floors again, but let's be honest. He's no Goose.
It's kind of like we were served filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes every night for 10 years, and, suddenly, we're forced to go hungry for over a month.
Then someone offers us a greasy bag of McDonald's,
and yeah, we eat it.
Yes, it fills us up and it even tastes pretty good,
but it isn't as fulfilling and we're slightly embarrassed to be seen with it in public.
This is precisely how it has been with Puck.
I mean, he weighs 15 pounds for God's sake. Have a little dignity.
And Goose was just so debonair.

So, tonight I'm giving Stone his bath. There are bubbles involved and it's really cute. I just happen to have my camera with me (shocking, I know) and I'm capturing some precious moments such as this:

Puck is hovering around being kind of annoying, per usual, and screwing up super adorable pictures of Stone blowing on the bubbles stuck to his hand like this:

The next thing I know... well, you see where this is going:

As of tonight, I officially love the little guy. All 15 pounds of him.
He is so clearly devoted to Stone, and that's the quickest way to my heart.My little McFlurry.
Besides, we're parents now. Who has time for filet mignon?


Anonymous said...

Incredible! Great writing and great photos!

Sophia's Mommy said...

I am sorry but he is frickin' adorable, and he loves the kid. What more could ya ask for?!

C. said...

Puck isn't Goose, but is still perfect. He's a lot of dog in a small space!

C. said...

and while he may not be filet mignon, he is certainly the cheese to stone's macaroni.