corresponding shapes

Love became a baby and now our baby has become a kid.
He started out as a piece of our puzzle.
Not a corner piece, or even an edge.
Nothing that obvious.
Something to fill a void that was small, but important.
Someone to make us solid and whole. More definite. Complete.
Before he was born we believed that our picture would be fully realized. We were all set to welcome our baby into our life, surely a perfect fit, and nestle him snugly, smugly, into his proper place.
Then Stone was born.
He grabbed our puzzle in his chubby little fists and tore it apart. He covered the bits in drool and dirty diapers and contented sighs. We found the pieces everywhere- they were under our pillows at night as we took turns during those first endless weeks. They were in each other's smiles, hidden under Stone's perfect little toes, caught in our heavy eyelids and tangled in his dark brown hair.
Now, as we rebuild our puzzle together, we are finding the shape, the texture, and the pattern has changed. The once-smooth boundaries have become ragged, waiting to be filled with new experiences, new friends, and places in our hearts that we never knew existed.
We know now that we'll never be complete.
He will continue to stretch our boundaries and raise the expectations for what love can be.

Thank you, Stone, for changing our world.
It is so much more than your Papa and I could have pieced together without you.


starparticle said...

We love you too!!

Anonymous said...

another beautiful piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

this was so honest and beautiful Bravo!