he'll thank me someday

So, it's a billion degrees in the Bay Area right now, and my mommy-guilt prevents me from using the a/c.
Garin and I just watched this crazy show on the history channel that talks all about how the earth is just waiting for the right opportunity to turn into a toxic, toddler-murdering fire-ball and HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.
The weight of the world, indeed.
So, no air conditioning for us.
Stone is- right this very minute- looking at me with the expression that I used to wear when my mom wouldn't let me watch "Married...With Children" because it was sexist.
He is sweaty and crabby. He can't sleep.
He is completely unimpressed by the energy crisis.
I told him about the summer when I was pregnant with him and how it was so hot and how his father and I couldn't afford air conditioning and how we just lived with the heat and slept in the bathtub and hated each other for 3 months.
But he sneered at me and I know he's just thinking about how
Caden's parents let him have air conditioning. In fact, he's almost positive that Caden has a poster of Kelly Bundy on the wall of his nursury.


Grandmommus said...

HAHAHAHAHA = maybe the energy of 5 fans is equal to one AC????? Kelly Bundy was an airheard.

starparticle said...

Poor honey! I feel your heat misery...

starparticle said...

(p.s. you are slowing, surely, turning crunchy on the inside.)

Christi said...

and unplug your fridge, computer and TV while you're at it.

margaret said...

We are going through the same thing in our house ... no AC so we can save the world for our precious baby (Who's like 2 days younger than Stone and whose middle name happens to be Stone. Crazy, right?).

It's Boston in the middle of summer though, 95 degrees with 90% humidity. We all might kill each other before the summer is over.