Photo Shoot

This past weekend we spent 2 days in Windsor, courtesy of Stone's Zayde and Babu. We had a wonderful time walking around town and relaxing.
While we were there we found a beautiful old hope chest to bring home for Stone.
Yesterday I decided that I want to have a photo shoot with Stoney inside of the chest. I figured it would be a cool way to show him how little he was when we bought it. I dressed him up in a jaunty little jumper with a little cap and lovingly placed him inside, atop a pile of blankets and pillows.

This was the general mood:
After way too much time spent catering to my own selfish whims, I took my red-faced baby out of said chest and set him on the floor. Two seconds later he looked like this:
Do you think he's screwing with me?
Or was he just pissed off because he looked like such a pansy in that hat?


Grandmommus said...

Stone is very bright and realizes that this picture would be much more of a laugh when he is older. Put Tobe and Goose in the chest.

Harry said...

I imagine he didn't like the hat!

Joe said...

Way to stand up for yourself( at least figuratively), Stoner! I would be crying too if I had to wear that thing! Looks like a head condom.