Stone has had a nasty case of Infant Reflux Disease
( http://www.infantrefluxdisease.com/ ) since he was 10 days old. This means that he spits up quite a bit, and he suffers from it if his medication isn't carefully monitored. This has had an impact on so many things in our new life, from the way we diaper him to our sleeping arrangements to what he eats.

Stone has a great team of doctors that have helped us to get a handle on things.

On Wednesday, we had a check-up with Stone's Pediatric GI doctor.
Dr. Dahlstrom is a very kind man with a Swedish accent and lots of experience. After Stone's weight check (12lbs, 9oz!), height check (61 centimeters) and cute check (very very very), the doctor commented on Stone's wonderful progress. He congratulated us on a job well done, and said he would have never expected Stone to have come so far so fast. We are feeling so proud of our amazing boy and the hard work we've put in to keep him healthy and strong. We are so lucky, and so very grateful.

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Grandmommus said...

You guys have been relentless in your care! It's no surprise he's doing so well with parents like you.