We are so busy around here!
I have no idea what it is we're busy doing, as nothing ever seems to pass over from "in progress" to "ahhhhhhhhhh, done". Regardless, the days are flying by.
Stone is really starting to get his groove on. Everyone keeps saying that he'll be walking in the next few weeks, and to those people I say HOW DARE YOU.
Things are only going to get more hectic, more terrifying,
more by-the-skin-of-my-teeth-esque once he's officially taking advantage of his bipedal status.
I know, I know. More fun, too.

Rockin' his hat Leif style.


Fingers Crossed said...

we are doomed if both Stone and SJ are walking by the end of the weekend...

starparticle said...

So grown up!! Leif is totally jealous of his ensemble.

Grandninnya said...

This is a magazine cover!!! I have one beautiful baby standing before me, and I have one photo in my hands....oh I guess Stone won.