Stone had his nine month check-up today.
All is well.
He's tall and fat with a big head.
Let's not assign responsibility for specific traits to either parent, okay people? (That means you, Babu.) He still loves Timmy, his pediatrician, and Timmy still refuses to worry about the fact that Stone has Very Small Feet- a fact that keeps me busy.

We also met with the GI specialist that holds our hands while we brave the the roller-coaster that is reflux.
Stone has been doing well for some time- after months of ups and not-so-ups, we reached a nice cruising altitude of 2 medications twice a day.
Dr. Dahlstrom had us stop one of the medications, and we have orders to go cold turkey on the other one next weekend.
Fingers crossed.

One more thing. This evening we were all in the living room and I said "Stone, where's Papa?" and he turned around, looked at Garin, and waved.

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