Everyone knows that we have a dog named Durham. Durham is usually referred to as "Goose" for reasons unknown, and occasionally goes by "Pierre" (when feeling dapper) or "The President of the United States of America" / "Mr. President", for short (when feeling bossy, show-offy, or non-responsive to an unthinkable tragedy that impacts the entire nation).
Goose likes to wear scarves and fancy hats. He prefers beaded necklaces to collars, and refuses to sit down on bare floors.

Goose is a pit bull. He is not blood-thirsty, nor is he vicious.
Unless you count his gas.

Goose used to be my dog, but now his heart clearly belongs to Stoney. Watching them together is pure heart-singing, tear-jerking, big-stupid-smile-plastered-on-my-face heaven for me. They make a great team, and every dog needs a little boy, right?

My desire to share this charming testimony of their blossoming relationship only VERY slightly outweighed my desire to NEVER hear my own baby talking voice recorded. Because it is horrible. It vacillates constantly between a vapid, chirpy, goo-goo-gaa-gaa Mommy voice and a pretty good impression of Cookie Monster. This video features the former. Enjoy.

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