Nerd Convention

Today was a big one for little Stoney-bird.
Zayde and I took his to his very first book signing.
Alice Walker was at Hicklebee's to promote her new children's book "Why War is Never a Good Idea".
Stone loved the bookstore. Lots of kids running around, a few other babies to maul (he's kind of a bulldozer), and tons of cool stuff to point at. He was a complete ham for the hour leading up to the reading, and gave Ms. Walker a big smile when we went up to have our copies signed.
Then the reading started, and Stone felt the need to, um... read along?
It sounded like this :
We bugged out before people could get annoyed and hung out in Zayde's backyard instead.
Tonight at bedtime Garin read Stone the new book.
Truth be told it's pretty creepy. I know, I know- war is creepy. But, as Garin put it,
Stone doesn't need to worry about that just yet.
I think we'll put the book away
for him to enjoy when he's a little older.
Like 30.

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Grandmommus said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Imagine Stoney getting to meet Alice Walker....what great parenting and grandparenting!!